Hebrew Life: Updates and Opinions

Narrowing It Down:  Define The Hebrew

Where Do Kids Get Their Ideas?  Nearly rendered speechless by a seven-year old.  Are they coached to ask these questions?

How Does the Garden Grow?  A recap of my garden, and the methods I’m using lately.

Emotional Dictates  A heartfelt plea to use common sense to regulate, rather than emotional rules.

Suffered Life  Depression and its aftermath – and how it feels to be back to normal.

Change of View  Talk about visual perspectives.

Hillbilly to Hebrew  A quick and quirky recap of then to now, my ancestry and my current status.

Here’s To Health  Natural methods might fail me, but I’ll keep trying to improve my health.

On Behalf of the Cat, and More  Why can’t we all get along.  I can agree to disagree, can you?

Shadowed Rituals  Comparison of modern rituals to Torah.

Intro  The only opportunity I give for you to RUN, fast and far, far away.  🙂

The Disconnected Life of The Common Man  Short discourse on how it feels to be Hebrew.


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Stripping Away Cultural Inheritance

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