About: A Hebrew Awakened

Living in the Midwest, I’ve been typical in my conservative nature, but atypical in my religious and spiritual base.

I am passionate about Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that passion is the reason for this blog.

Family is what “home” means to me and while I’m not a demonstrative sort, I feel deeply about those I love.

My friends are few, but highly prized, as they’ve been chosen for their ability to deal with the likes of me.  Once I’ve committed to friendship, it’s a lifetime deal – so they’re stuck with me, like family.

You’ll hear a bit about friends and family here and there – but I’m extremely protective of them and their privacy, so as important as they are, you’ll not really get the chance to know them.

Animals and gardens are my hobbies,  and those items will be reflected here, as part of life, Hebrew Life.

What’s left of my free time is filled with short articles and amateur photography shots.

I’ve found that I don’t fit neatly into a personality type – I’m fairly certain we’re all the same in this manner – but my primary characteristics are Myers-Briggs’ ISTJ.

I’m a full-time worker, outside of the blog world –  there’s no telling what sort of trouble I’d get myself into if I had all that time on my hands.  🙂

There’s me.  Now to explain the blog.

I considered the brevity of life and the importance of making the best of the time we’re allotted.  During my discovery of self and what I felt was important in life, I spent much time in particular on religious beliefs, and did much reading and research.

A few years into the religious journey, I met up with a Hebrew Priest who helped to explain the pieces I was so ignorantly missing.  I was blinded to what I should have been seeing and doing because of my upbringing, my environment, my life – and the culture that surrounds all of those pieces.

So this blog is a bit of a diary, a bit of an explanation, a bit of sharing discoveries and shedding cultural inheritance – those bits and pieces I’ve unknowingly attached to my psyche as I’ve traversed the years.

More than anything, it’s a glimpse into the real life of a real person who follows Torah, as clearly and honestly as possible.

Mixed with the sharing process will be a lot of opinion – my opinion.  Opinions that I have staked claim to and hold out as absolute Truth (yes, that’s a capital T).  Take it or leave it, I’m not posting for the sake of debate.  🙂

Let me tone that down just a smidge by saying this:  I acknowledge that you may have opinions/beliefs that differ from mine.  That’s okay.  I’m not here to change you.

My only mission is to live my life in the manner that is my Truth.

If you’re still along for this ride, welcome.  I’m really and truly glad you’re here and I look forward to sharing.


9 thoughts on “About: A Hebrew Awakened”

  1. Hi Trisha…thanks for the “likes” much appreciated.

    I think you have an interesting blog so I would like to “ride along” as you put it. While I consider myself a Christian I’m not a religious person by any sense of the word. Like you I hold to certain Truths in the scriptures, but I also respect other peoples beliefs. Looking forward to knowing you better.

    Take care ~ Dave


    1. Hi Dave! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve certainly been enjoying your photos.

      Common courtesy and respect are so important these days… I’ve heard distant war drums beating and wonder why we can’t just get along. We can all agree to disagree, imo.

      Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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Stripping Away Cultural Inheritance

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