As you may have seen, there was yet another post from me that was rife with sadness and depression – surprised?

My fifties have been rough. Life is just hard. I don’t hold down the corner on hard life – I know this – that’s just forgotten in the worst of the feels.

What I wanted to accomplish going into this blog was to show ‘real’. Not some trumped up or over-edited version of fantastic. Real life – real life as an outsider who lives by deeply held beliefs. I do forget to show the joys and triumphs and outright fabulous pieces though – I keep those held closely to me. I’m selfish about so many things.

Normally I have an optimistic outlook. Yes. Really. I can typically see the best of a situation and frequently point out those upsides out here in the reality of it all. The view is on slower reaction time when the situation is directly involving me, but still the upsides are easy to find.

Update – I didn’t report the lightbulb situation. I recall a time when I heard tales from a youth about a job being intentionally done poorly so that the youth could be fired from the job. I issued corrective advice at that time, of course. But I feel certain that this situation is the same – not an intentional action toward me but rather a reaction to a detested job. This will out itself. And – I installed one of the bulbs and it is lighting my space as it should. Not so bad, eh?

This leads to where I want to go today. Being. Being the change we want to see. Changing the world one kindness, one stance, one crazy notion at a time.

We can you know. I can. You can. We can change the world.

Be the change.

I choose this life of holding Torah as my personal guide, the lens through which I view life. This lens has to be inspected to make certain I haven’t tried to force others to see through it, or judge by it. It’s my lens, my direction, my intention, my purpose. We each have our own.

If we were to acknowledge that we are all given the choice to have our own lens and not apply our lenses to others, that just might be a good change, eh?

Be the change.

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