Garden Visitors

R & R Observations

Finally, time in the garden and the urge to record.  Snapshots of the new home’s garden before and after.

Cleared corner, prepped for the build
Path and beds laid and planted – then came the rains…
Bed of hungarian peppers, rhubarb, choke berry, asparagus and heather
Inset path of ajuga, plantain and sorrel, etc
Beet greens and chard, etc

Pathway corner with ajuga
Creeping thyme from pathway
View under the rhubarb
Much awaited rainbow chard
Hungarian wax peppers
Cat in the carrot patch
View to the side garden
Plantain path between planters
Garden visitors

Ah, my favorite spaces.


11 thoughts on “R & R Observations”

        1. Oh, my! No! I’m staying here. We’re doing some rearranging outdoors to make it better for me. Hubby moved my 8’x20′ craft studio/guest room trailer close to his shed so he could hook me up to electricity and maybe water. We’re setting up my small greenhouse near there too for the electricity and water, but also so I can go into the trailer to cool off and take breaks in the AC. Some of my containers will migrate over there, but I’m hoping to be able to start another garden in a former garden spot when I was doing the CSA garden years ago.

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