Spring Challenged With Puzzled Daze

Who’s with me on the quest for warmer days, for spring sunshine and thawed soils?  South is the direction, I’m told – perhaps there is loamy soil that is thawing not terribly far away?

Longing deeply for longer days and physical purpose, I have lolled to such extreme that I don’t recognize my body parts when I glance down.  I’ve assembled nine puzzles in the last four weeks, and now have assembly down to a science of sorts:  outside frame first, then sort by color and assemble smallest sections first, then work up to the largest section and sort by shape.

Puzzling keeps me from surf-shopping, or lingering too long on social media.  These I find detrimental to either my financial or mental well-being, so work diligently to avoid them.

I’ve enjoyed fringe social media involvement for many years, grasping in the early days of the game that I could use settings to filter out or censor unwanted information.  I set up groups before it became an easy thing to do, and custom posted to my set groups many times over the years.  I understand the basic underpinnings of such outlets.

Lately though, there is too much filtering to do – I would have to censor nearly every ‘friend’, family, friend or acquaintance to maintain my sense of well-being.  So I reduce my time online, and diligently search for other activities to occupy my mind and fill my time.  This was not a conscious thing in years past.  It’s new.

Finally, I fully understand why there are some who pose the question “are we part of a simulation”?  It all seems contrived lately, manipulated and overdone – like life has turned into some horrible version of reality show mixed with soap opera.  I don’t want to be a cast member, I didn’t sign a contract for this – and the pay is horrible.

So, I dream a little dream of loamy soil, and sunshine on my back, and bird sounds and insect wings – and hang tightly onto the dangled offer to join one of my teammates in the greenhouse next week.



4 thoughts on “Spring Challenged With Puzzled Daze”

  1. Down here in the ‘Sunny South’, the arrival of spring is a capricious event, at best and a tease, at worst. True, we do not have the raw, wind whipped relentless winter of your climes; I admire your resolve to see your way through by invention and creativity, Our winter garden work towards spring can become sabotaged over night by any number of quirky weather events. March is full of surprises – ‘weather, we like it or not’.

    May I respond to your other muses?
    I came into the Internet scheme kicking and screaming. I am a late comer. Now that I know there are ‘real people’ behind the blog (what a strange word that is to me!) and this is not some nefarious plot to achieve world dominance (TIC) I find that the thinking people of the ‘Hebrew Inquisitive / Roots’ community have smelled the coffee of which, after 15 years, I am only just now getting a whiff. Am I correct to observe, nay, assume, that you have already asked the honest question, “How did we get here from there?” with regards to our quest for the truth of Torah and what the Almighty wants of us?
    I believe you did based on your previous thought provoking posts.
    You are refreshingly honest.
    I am just now asking these questions. I was so very pleasantly surprised to find so many leads to others who have the same thoughts.
    But the leads only take me to detoured or dismantled forums that cause me to sigh, and wonder, ” What happened here?” , as though I had discovered a hidden battle ground.
    I enjoy your photographs and I am grateful for allowing those who visit your beautiful pages the opportunity to glimpse into your world.

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    1. Your comment took me by surprise, and on task to hunt up food. I wanted to acknowledge your visit with a “welcome” – and thank you for your kind words. I will return to answer questions when I have a little more time.


    2. I presume that you are a writer, as you have a way with words quite similar to a dear word-crafting friend. 🙂
      “How did we get here from there?” could be answered from two directions, imo. There is the very personal “What caused you to discard your prior beliefs and go this route?” version, and there is the very deep and hard to decipher “What was the crux that redirected all peoples away from the core of Torah?”
      Both of these are questions that I have spent much time on, yes. My personal story is similar to others – but my take on the “crux” is decidedly against the grain.
      Having been involved in most of the detoured and dismantled forums, I can only answer “what happened here?” from my singular perspective. Too many chiefs, too many opinions, perhaps? To arrive at this course typically requires independent thinking, and strong opinions are quickly formed and become hard to discard.
      Again, thank you so much for your comment. It’s always a delight to communicate with others who are discovering Torah and searching for how to serve Almighty.
      If you would like to communicate via email, I can be reached at 1dreamingirl@gmail.com.


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