A Story with an Ending

Once upon a time.

There was a land called choice by Almighty, YHVH.

This land had other people in it, people who were doing unforgivable things.

  • They were serving other gods, and they were performing detestable acts in that worship.
  • They were conducting sexual actions that were deemed abominable, not acceptable.
  • They were shedding blood without consequence.
  • They were not acting justly toward their Landlord.

So, the Landlord took notice and made the choice to bring in another set of tenants, and gave specific instructions to those tenants.  Part of that tenancy provided for great abundance, in progeny and in harvests and stock.  There were ‘taxes’ paid to an elite class of rent collectors, who then paid their ‘taxes’ to the elite class of property management staff.  There were also dues and penalty payments to be made to the elite class of property management staff, who performed in accordance to the tenancy document.

The tenancy document was indeed a well constructed thing, but it didn’t appeal to the masses.  Why would it?  It didn’t promise a permanent occupancy.

So the masses took it upon themselves to appoint new positions, and to make addendum after addendum and to oust the property management staff.   They forgot who was holding the deed.

The terms of the tenancy document clearly stated that eviction would be the result of such actions.  The Landlord had every means available to enforce, and did – time and time again.

Yet the contracted tenants had progeny who thought themselves above the document, so there was much scrutiny given it and many resources employed to create their own version of the benefits of the land.  And thus they returned and began hosting and joining with the peoples who would do similarly to the originally storied occupants.

Here we are now, with a polluted land and a polluted people.  The original tenancy document still exists, yet there are no readers, no intellect to shed their own confidences and addendum and look back to the original tenancy contract.

Israel occupants.  Are you listening?  Do you think that the contract is null and void?  Do you truly think that Almighty would allow a rewrite?

Return to Torah.  Renew your contract.

3 thoughts on “A Story with an Ending”

  1. It has been a long time since an eviction notice was served – and human memories are shortened, grown lax; ancient history, right? While the contracted tenants have their responsibilities, I wonder if the sojourners and strangers are aware, too, of the Landlord’s covenent rules? Are they, be they Christian, Muslim, Druze, B’hai, etc., aware that they have the same responsibilities if they choose to tenant there?

    Each of these groups jockeying to be the replacement tenants, are they willing to adhere? If so, down come their precious things, in deferral to the Landlord’s covenant. But they claim a different Landlord, when Torah never does, and wish to supplant the rules.

    So while the covenanted tenants have enormous responsibility, the Land Place comes with its requirements on ALL tenants – follow the Landlord’s rules, or be vomited out. Yes, you can pass through and keep going, and adhere to what you wish once back beyond the borders. But they should ask themselves, “Am I living in accordance to the Landlord’s rules or am I trying to install a new landlord and new rules?”

    Honor the rules, remove your precious things, and dwell in peace – all tenants. If not, well, the rest is history already written time and again.

    But I don’t think anyone is listening to, or reading the contract.

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