Serious Contemplations

Conflict always exists.

Like it or not, there will be someone or something that irks you, catapults you into a frenzy, or becomes a bur under your saddle.

Fact of life.

This Middle East conflict however, has me deep in thought.  It’s been going on for centuries, making it more notable than the US story of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Is it justifiable?

I ponder how offensive it might be to Almighty.

Consider – A chosen people screw up, monumentally.  So significant is their error that they are tossed out of the Promised Land.

For Iniquity, mind you.  Their iniquities were so great that they were thrust from their promised blessings – conditional blessings, for any paying attention.

I’d always considered iniquity to be one of the many terms for sin, vileness, evil.  They’d gone against YHVH was my final determination.

However, the definition of iniquity gives me pause:  ‘Immoral or Grossly Unfair Behavior’.   A close cousin of iniquity, the word inequity also gives clarity:  ‘Lack Of Fairness Or Justice’.

Oh my!  The nation of Israel, the nation of Judah, the people who were once Hebrews, united and chosen, were deemed UNFAIR.

Who deserves to live in the land, I ask?

What people would deny the holocaust as retribution for iniquities?

How could technology serve as a replacement for God?

I shake my head and wonder how it all became so fucked up…

I wonder also, how close are the ties between those in conflict.  Abraham had more than one child and the first land promise included all of his children.

Serious contemplations, indeed.


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